Welcome to Steve Light Counseling

Welcome to Steve Light Counseling, where I am here to meet your family, relationship, and individual needs. If you are not sure what to think about therapy, or you have never been to counseling before, exploring the process may seem overwhelming; uncertainty and the unknown often are. However, counseling is warm, kind, and gentle in its approach. It is designed to be a safe and secure place to talk openly and freely with no fear of judgment. Steve Light Counseling will work hard to make you feel comfortable and at home. Conveniently located in Franklin, MA, I’m here to help you change what matters most: yourself and your relationships.

There are many benefits to seeing a counselor

Those who have been through counseling often say they experience many benefits, such as feeling better about themselves, finding greater peace, reducing stress, improving their relationships, and so much more.  I offer a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, whether you have tried counseling before or you have never even given therapy a second thought. Don’t hesitate to make yourself at home here and please feel free to contact me with any questions you have along the way.

About Steve

I’ve been practicing as a marriage and family therapist since 2007 and worked extensively with a spectrum of issues, including domestic violence, anger management, sex offense, sex therapy, drug and alcohol abuse/dependence, child abuse prevention, parenting, spirituality, and several others. My specialty is couples counseling helping couples to take a step back from the edge and get back on track. As much as possible, I work with people from all walks of life, offering counseling and Christian counseling to individuals and families throughout Massachusetts. However, if you find that I’m not right for you, I’ll work to find someone who is.

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