Your relationship is built on love – And that should thrive!

Are you in a marriage or other relationship that is struggling with issues of trust, intimacy, or distance? Perhaps you feel you’ve been betrayed, you’re stuck in a rut, or you simply are looking for something more than what you’re used to. If this is the case, I want to help. Whether you’re dealing with arguments, infidelity, or a problem child, there is no issue too great or small that I won’t counsel you through. With couples counseling, I can help you:

  • Getting out of negative interactions
  • Find positive ways to relate to each other
  • Enjoy being together
  • Solve Problems and build trust for a better future
  • And more!

Never given counseling a thought? Turned off by the idea of therapy? No need to worry, as I work together with my clients to help get them back from “the edge of the cliff” where so many couples find themselves. My goal is to help you get your relationship back on track, as well as to develop and maintain a happy, healthy, and loving relationship or marriage between you and your partner.

How does couples counseling work?

Couples counseling is simply finding the way out of your difficulty by working through the issues with an unbiased, neutral third party who has one goal: to help your relationships improve. On the beginning end of counseling, I work hard at not losing the battle on structure. The reason for this is to help both partners feel safe and confident as they work through struggles (big and small) to find the love they really want.

Do you provide Christian counseling?

Absolutely. When requested, I enjoy bringing faith and spirituality into the counseling room. As well as being a marriage and family therapist, I hold a four year Master of Theology. Integrating psychology and theology can be a tremendous resource for couples who want this approach.

When is the right time to seek couples counseling?

Well, if we learn from what married couples do, it is estimated that they wait seven years after symptoms develop before seeking help. You can see that tapping into resources, as soon as problems arise, is critical.


At Steve Light Counseling, it is my passion to help you thrive, so let me help you get started today. For information about scheduling an appointment at my Franklin, MA office, reach out here.

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