Do you want the best for everyone, but nothing seems to go your way?

We’ve all experienced conflict, uneasiness, and distance, but have gone past just being a minor concern to completely overtaking your family? Does everybody walk on eggshells around each other in you family? I want to help! I understand that many of us feel nothing is more sacred and maddening at the same time than family. We love them unimaginably one day, yet we find ourselves pulling our hair out the next. Sometimes we want to quit altogether. However, it is clear that a happy and healthy family supports our sense of well-being. In such a big way, family relationships sustain life and family counseling is a great place to get things back on track.


What will I gain from family counseling?


Many times family counseling is only pursued as a last resort. Individual counseling is so often used as the go-to place to deal with challenges one-on-one. “Why would I want to stir the pot and then go home and live with them too?” But even though the problem may be in the family, the solution is readily there too.


Family counseling is a great context to deal with specific issues in a structured, facilitated, and organized way. No one gets to say, I’m not the problem; you’re the problem. Most of the time, everyone has a contribution to how the family rolls. So when everyone participates, everyone can benefit. With family counseling, I’ll help you work toward a “win-win.”

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Family counseling sets up your family
for closeness and success for generations to come.

Imagine two or three generations of a family coming to see a counselor to discuss the family’s future. They are interested in changing the course of their family for generations to come. Realizing that what occurred in previous generations has an influence on the family now, they are astute in wrestling with the present for the sake of the future.


This occurs many times when there is a history of divorce in the family. Clients come in seeking how to keep their family intact in the future. And if a divorce has led to a remarriage setting up a blended family, working with me to talk through hopes, expectations and concerns puts tools in their toolbox.


Changes like these are never perfectly smooth or pain-free, as much as we’d like them to be. Family counseling is a positive way to try and build a solid foundation for your family and show that you’re there to support one another and the generations to come. And I am here for help, counsel, advocacy, and support. At Steve Light Counseling, it is my passion to help you thrive, so let me help you get started today. For information about scheduling an appointment at my Franklin, MA office, reach out here.

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