It’s time for things to be different.

We all go through times when we feel unhappy. It can hurt and feel so lonely. When you wish that things in your life were different, do you put on a happy face, or do you reach out for help and talk with someone who cares? Maybe you have felt some of these feelings that you didn’t want to confront, including:


Stress, anxiety, or nervousness

Depression or loneliness

Whether you’re tired, sad, or feeling alone, there are ways to handle these feelings compassionately. Rather than “zoning out” and feeding the negative thoughts, you can reach out and find solutions to the obstacles you face. It’s not enough to ask, “What’s wrong with me?” Forget about, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” These and other questions can be addressed, and I am here to help you work on them. Even if you’ve never given thought to therapy or counseling before, that doesn’t mean you can’t start combating these and other questions, starting today!

To me, it seems like most of our struggles in life come from one, or several, of the following three areas:


1. Life took an unexpected, painful turn that I didn’t see coming…and I wish would have never happened.

This is often the most excruciating situation. When it hurts so badly, and you feel lonely as a result, feelings can overflow into other areas of your life. But with planning, resources, and time, things can be different.  However, this is hard to do alone and you shouldn’t isolate yourself from others. If you don’t reach out to me, then please connect with someone.


2. I hurt because I can’t stop thinking about my life in a particular way.

How we think about life comes from our distinct story and personality. Reaching out to someone can offer an outside perspective that can give you a way to change your thinking patterns that are impacting how you feel. Gaining a different vantage point allows you see your life differently and to start to feel better again.


3. If I just keep going, then I’ll stop feeling this way.

Our lives may certainly be demanding, but moving full steam ahead is also a way to avoid our inner lives. Not being able to get off the treadmill of life is tough I know but working through your feelings while slowly reorganizing your life can put you in control. Rather than feeling stressed by your life, you can feel energized for your life. You can feel more confident, calm and happier.


Don’t wait any longer to reach out for help.

Regardless of what types of issues you may be struggling with, I want to help and that is why I am here. I understand that you want to feel better, and I want you to, as well. At Steve Light Counseling, it is my passion to help you thrive, so let me help you get started today.

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